News Release | Environment New Hampshire Research and Policy Center

1,788 Pounds of Toxic Chemicals Dumped into New Hampshire’s Waterways

Industrial facilities dumped 1,788 pounds of toxic chemicals into New Hampshire’s waterways, according to a new report released today by Environment New Hampshire.

News Release | Environment New Hampshire

Every County in New Hampshire had a declared weather-related disaster in 2011

This was a record-breaking year for extreme weather. Every county in New Hampshire was hit with a federally-declared weather disaster according to the latest FEMA data. Environment New Hampshire released a new report, which details how many people lived in a county that was hit with a weather-related disaster. The report also looks at how global warming is fueling global warming that will likely lead to intensified weather.

News Release | Environment New Hampshire

Environment New Hampshire testifies in support of cornerstone clean energy program at crucial hearing

Environment New Hampshire and concerned citizens testified in defense of New Hampshire's clean energy program. Supporters turned out to urge our representatives to keep a program that helps us save money on energy bills, protects the environment and improves our energy independence.

News Release | Environment New Hampshire

Greenfield Rehabilitation Center Saves Energy and Avoids Fossil Fuel Pollution with RGGI grant


A new report from Environment New Hampshire reveals the cost savings, environmental benefits and economic growth caused by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center can provide lower cost, reliable heat to its rehabilitation patients, because a RGGI grant made the connection between one of its residential facilities and its new biomass plant possible.


News Release | Environment New Hampshire

First-Ever Mercury and Air Toxics Safeguards Will Save Lives

First-ever public health safeguards aimed at curbing emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from dirty power plants will save lives and protect kids, say leading national environmental and public health groups.