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New Hampshire Joins Northeast States Planning Deeper Cuts in Power Plant Pollution

Power plant pollution in the Northeast would decline by more than 20 percent in the next decade under a plan announced today by New Hampshire, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic state environmental and energy officials.

News Release | Environment New Hampshire

President Obama Should Tackle Global Warming in Second Term

As President Obama prepares to be sworn in today, Environment New Hampshire hopes that he'll heed the call and address the challenge of climate change.

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President Recommits to Tackling Global Warming in Inaugural Address

President Obama mentions the need to address climate change. His address meditated on taking collective action as a country.

News Release | Environment New Hampshire Research and Policy Center

Wind Energy in New Hampshire Prevents as Much Global Warming Pollution as Taking 9,000 Cars Off the Road Each Year

If wind development continues at a pace comparable to that of recent years through 2016, New Hampshire would reduce global warming pollution by as much as taking 24,000 cars off the road and would save enough water to meet the needs of 1,700 Granite Staters.

News Release | Environment New Hampshire

Northeast Governors Urged to Strengthen Climate Program

Environmental Advocates, stakeholders joined together in urging the nine Northeastern Governors to strengthen the cap on global warming emissions from power plants. Improvements to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) will reduce pollution and spur economic growth.